Markets & Trade

Agrifood prices and food security

Developments following the Russian Amy’s invasion of Ukraine in late February 2022 have clearly demonstrated just how globalised the commodity flows in the agrifood sector have become. And they have made it clear how closely interrelated agricultural commodity, fertiliser and energy prices are – with immediate impacts on global food security. Which consequences is this resulting in regarding future strategies in international agriculture and trade policies?


Rural markets play a key role in generating rural income, especially for small farmers. But these markets are often insufficiently developed and/or small farmers cannot access them. What are the reasons behind this, how can markets be better designed to fulfil their key functions and allow effective participation by small farmers despite global change?


Trade can make an important contribution to sustainable economic development and poverty reduction provided that it can be made fair and inclusive. This is also reflected in the Sustainable Development Goals, but it is also borne testimony to in the latest changes in development co-operation policy, which is increasingly focusing on trade and markets.