Agriculture for improved nutrition: Seizing the momentum

Agriculture's potential to improve nutrition is just beginning to be tapped, the authors argue. The book strengthens the evidence base for, and expands the author’s vision of how agriculture can contribute to nutrition.

The book Agriculture for improved nutrition: Seizing the momentum was published by International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) and CAB-International (CABI) in February 2019. The authors take a look at the link between agriculture and nutrition, especially at agriculture’s vast potential to improve nutrition. According to them, the agriculture-nutrition nexus is key to breaking the cycle of malnutrition.

Never before has there been such activity in re-imagining the many ways in which our food and agricultural system can be fundamentally transformed to improve the nutrition of billions of people around the world, the authors state. New ideas, research and initiatives developed over the past decade have created an opportunity for re-designing agricultural and food systems for the benefit of nutrition.

The book aims to support this transformation by reviewing the latest findings, results from on-the-ground programmes and interventions, and recent policy experiences from countries around the world that are bringing the agriculture and nutrition sectors closer together. In particular, it contains examples from Malawi, India and China.

Chapters cover an array of issues that link agriculture and nutrition, including food value chains, nutrition-sensitive programmes and policies, government policies and private sector investments. By highlighting both achievements and setbacks, the book seeks to inspire those who want to scale-up successes that can transform food systems and improve the nutrition of billions of people.


More information and download the book Agriculture for improved nutrition: Seizing the momentum:

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