GSR 2023 Collection – Energy Demand Modules just launched

For the first time, the Global Status Report (GSR) is being released as a collection of modules, with the first ones, focusing on Renewable Energy Demand, having appeared in March.

Since 2005, REN21’s Renewables Global Status Report (GSR) has spotlighted ongoing developments and emerging trends that shape the future of renewables. It is a collaborative effort involving hundreds of experts. This year’s edition – the eighteenth one – has evolved in design and structure to reflect the fundamental changes in the global energy landscape.

The new structure is in the form of a collection of five publications with the following titles:

1. Renewables in Energy Demand

2. Renewables in Energy Supply 

3. Renewable Energy Systems and Infrastructure 

4. Renewables for Economic and Social Value Creation

5. Global Overview

This new structure makes the GSR a tool to use in expanding the renewable energy discussion into key sectors and ecosystems, developing a shared language and driving a stronger integration of supply, demand, infrastructure, market and investment.

The first of the five publications, which has just appeared and is titled Renewables in Energy Demand, is to address the topics of Buildings, Industry, Transport and Agriculture in four modules. These four fields of topics bear testimony to the crucial role that energy-consuming sectors play in driving the transition to renewable energy. They underscore the importance of looking beyond the supply side and installed capacities, and recognising that accelerating the demand for renewables across these four sectors is critical. Without substantive progress on the demand side, it will be impossible to achieve the structural transformations needed to shift to a renewables-based energy system, economy and society.

The next publication, to appear in May 2023, is titled Renewables in Energy Supply.



More information:

Read more and download the publication on Ren21 Website


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