Agricultural development: New perspectives in a changing world

In this book, experts offer the latest research in the field of agricultural development. They provide an overview of key emerging issues facing developing-country agriculture today and explore strategies for developing sustainable agriculture.

The book Agricultural Development: New Perspectives in a Changing World, launched by the International Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) in February 2021, addresses the issues facing agriculture in developing countries today, from rapid urbanisation to rural transformation to climate change. 

Divided into four parts, the book brings together top experts to provide a global overview of agriculture, examine regional patterns of development, lay out the current context for agricultural development, and explore emerging challenges and opportunities in the field.

Using new lenses to examine today’s biggest challenges, contributors address topics such as nutrition and health, gender and household decision-making, agrifood value chains, natural resource management, and political economy. 

The book also covers most developing regions, providing a critical global perspective at a time when many pressing challenges extend beyond national borders. Moreover, Agricultural Development explores policy options and strategies for developing sustainable agriculture and reducing food insecurity and malnutrition.

The changing global landscape combined with new and better data, technologies, and understanding means that agriculture can and must contribute to a wider range of development outcomes than ever before, including reducing poverty, ensuring adequate nutrition, creating strong food value chains, improving environmental sustainability, and promoting gender equity and equality.


Read more and download the book Agricultural Development: New Perspectives in a Changing World at IFPRI website 

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