Anyone can share information on their own land related project at the new platform. Farmland in Hargeisa, Somalia, August 2019.
Photo: ©FAO/Mustafa Saeed/Arete

A new database of land and property rights projects

Providing an overview of what is happening and build on, instead of duplicate initiatives: A new global database of land and property rights projects provides a platform to track project funding, learn from others, find synergies or share valuable project outcomes.

The Land Portal Foundation launched a new database of land and property rights projects in March 2020. It aims to help anybody from practitioners, researchers and donors alike to easily search for types of projects, to track funding and identify who is funding what, and use this information to seek out fruitful collaboration.

Information includes details such as the duration of the project, the project value as well as the status of the project. The database also includes historical data in order to provide accurate timelines. 

This new section of the Land Portal is not to be regarded as a comprehensive content type that will profile all existing projects about land rights worldwide, a seemingly impossible task, but to merely be a democratic virtual space where information can be both shared and received, explains the Land Portal Foundation.

“The goal of our daily work at the Land Portal is to make information about land more democratic. This new content type allows us all to learn more about various land related projects around the world, from a policy related project in Tanzania, to a project working on tenure and global climate change. Moreover, anyone with a Land Portal account can share information on their own land related project, or that of their organisation. No project is too big or small, too old or new to be shared on this new section.” says Laura Meggiolaro, Land Portal Team Leader.  

Over 900 projects from the Global Map of Donors and USAID Land Tenure Projects have been imported. All information has been enriched with metadata, according to the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) Standard.  This leads these projects to comply with appropriate classification systems and ultimately, to be more discoverable on the web and gain more visibility. 

(The Land Portal Foundation/ile)

More information at Land Portal website

Visit the database of land and property rights projects at the Land Portal website

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