The International Rice Congress is a scientific platform for rice-based food systems innovators to work towards shaping a food- and nutrition-secure future.
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IRC 2023: Accelerating Transformation of Rice-Based Food Systems

Current challenges in agriculture such as food security, climate change and others were at the centre of the 6th International Rice Congress (IRC 2023), which took place in October 2023, in the capital of the Philippines, Manila.

“The International Rice Congress 2023 is a perfect opportunity to talk about the most pressing and most crucial issues facing the global rice sector today. International Rice Congress 2023 is a convergence of experts in the fields of genomics, microbiome research, soil health, greenhouse gas emissions, precision farming, artificial intelligence and Big Data, remote sensing tools, among others to present and discuss novel solutions and interventions that are needed now and in the future,” said Bas Bouman, Research Director– Sustainable Impact through Rice-based Systems, International Rice Research Institute. Bouman is the Chair of the Overall Organizing Committee of International Rice Congress 2023.

Meanwhile, eight cross-continental keynote speakers, all thought leaders in the rice sector, set the tone for the conference, held under the title Accelerating Transformation of Rice-Based Food Systems. Representing academia, private companies and research institutions in countries across Asia, Africa and the United States, the high-level speakers from research and private sectors, covered issues ranging from regenerative, sustainable rice systems to epigenomics for crop improvement and soil microbiomes as well as governmental requirements.  

Individual sessions from plant breeding to climate change

The more than 100 parallel sessions, each with up to seven international experts, offered in-depth analysis and research updates on technical subjects in the whole rice value chain, from plant breeding and pest, weed, soil and water management to mitigating Greenhouse Gasses (GHG) emissions and climate-risk strategies, as well as analyses of world market and trade restrictions. There was also a particular focus on countries such as Bangladesh and Nepal.

More than 500 research projects at the exhibition hall

With extensive technical data, graphics and explanatory images, the more than 500 posters set up in the reception hall as exhibition panels offered a summary of research work from PhD students, groups of early-career scientists and public and private researchers. The dedicated poster viewing sessions allowed the 2,000 participants to identify knowledge relevant to their professional lives. The highly specialised titles included, for example, “Precision marker-based breeding for precise transfer of pre-harvest sprouting resistance from Indica donor to the elite Korean temperate japonica varieties.”

Trade Show presented applicable farm solutions

In between the 500 presentation sessions, attendees explored rice equipment and practical solutions at the International Rice Congress trade show, which was organised by the DLG (German Agricultural Society) through its Thailand-based subsidiary, DLG Asia Pacific, and the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI).

“The trade show at the International Rice Congress is a practical complement to the many research discussions. At the exhibition area in the reception hall, practitioners, like small and large-scale rice farmers, and experts were able to discuss what is practically possible in the field right now,” said Katharina Staske, Managing Director, DLG Asia Pacific.

Rice transplanters, novel farm input solutions, including new seed varieties, and harvest and post-harvest offerings as well as logistics were among exhibited products.

Non-profit and founded on the principles of furthering agricultural knowledge across borders through exhibitions, professional knowledge and networking, the DLG has been a partner of IRRI since 2018.



More information:

For more about IRC 2023, visit the congress website 

Website DLG Asia Pacific

Website International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)



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