Tree Commodities and Resilient Green Economies in Africa

This book examines how tree commodities can contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in Africa.

The book Tree Commodities and Resilient Green Economies in Africa was launched by World Agroforestry (ICRAF) at the 5th World Congress on Agroforestry in July 2022. In the book, 55 authors showcase best practices for tree-crop commodities and how they can contribute to sustainable development in Africa.

Tree-crop commodities highlighted are coffee, cocoa, cashew, palm oil, shea butter and rubber. These commodities are major sources of income for more than 30 million smallholders in Africa. They also represent some of the fastest-growing land uses and constitute an essential part of the continent’s domestic and export economies. 

Climate change poses a significant threat to some of the commodities in parts of Africa. Innovations at large scale will be needed for these systems to respond effectively to the climate crisis as well as the social, economic and other environmental challenges, the authors point out. The book aims to understand innovative options that hold potential to ensure local populations can reap economic and other livelihoods’ benefits while maintaining ecosystem services and social integrity.

The authors focus on the six essential tree commodities, combining a case-study approach with perspectives on innovation from across the continent. Several case studies feature production, market and economic, environmental and policy innovation pathways. Lessons are drawn from Latin America and Asia. The language is aimed at a non-specialist audience for evaluating and designing existing or new public-sector responses, civil-society involvement and private-sector initiatives.


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    Alice Grossmann-Güntert November 22, 2022 At 1:20 pm
    How can I get a copy of this new book in Switzerland? Tree Commodities and Reslient Green Economies in Africa