A new GIZ video shows how Landscape Approaches contribute to finding solutions for a sustainably managed landscape.
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GIZ offers a new video online: Landscape Approaches

A new video of GIZ highlights the opportunities that a Landscape Approach can bring to rural areas and their communities.

Landscapes are essential! They provide important ecosystem services which form the basis of all life, including drinking water, clean air, food, energy sources, building materials and recreational opportunities as well as carbon storage and climate regulation.

Landscapes are complex socio-ecological systems, influenced by diverse factors. A new GIZ video, which can be accessed online, depicts consequences from an unsustainable management of landscapes.

The way in which resources are used has an impact on people, biodiversity and the global climate. Today, the pressure on landscapes is growing. A vicious cycle has been set in motion, starting with the expansion of fields, resulting in an aggravation of the effects of climate change and leading to a decline in productivity. 

Making people and nature more resilient with the Landscape Approach

The new GIZ video outlines a concept that considers people, the environment, the economy and factors like population growth and climate change in an integrated manner. It identifies entry points where actions can be taken to break the vicious cycle and make people and nature more resilient. Concrete measures and solutions are presented contributing to the achievement of various Sustainable Development Goals of the Agenda 2030.

‘Landscape approaches’ can be viewed online on GIZ’s official Youtube channel

Further information on landscape approaches can be found in the GIZ sector project Sustainable Rural Areas 

Author: Sustainable Rural Development sector project, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (giz) GmbH, Bonn, Germany

Contact: Hannah Weinsheimer, hannah.weinsheimer@giz.de

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