The Agri-Food Map: an interactive map to explore sustainable agri-food systems.
Photo: © GIZ

GIZ designs new tool to explore sustainable agri-food systems

The agricultural and food sector is currently facing major challenges, and the need for a sustainable transformation of agricultural and food systems is more urgent than ever. The complex circumstances of this transformation are not always easy to understand – which is why the Agri-Food Map, an interactive online app, is designed to make the comprehensive relationships accessible by providing a wide range of easily comprehensible information.

About 735 million people world-wide are currently suffering from chronic hunger. Conflicts, frequent climate extremes and economic uncertainty combined with growing inequality are exacerbating the problem. As a result, the agri-food sector is facing unprecedented challenges, making the need for a sustainable transformation of the world’s agri-food systems more urgent than ever.

The Agri-Food Map designed by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH can help make the complex circumstances around this transformation accessible to a broad public through a wide range of easily comprehensible information.

The Agri-Food Map is interactive and offers insights of best practices in the food systems

The Agri-Food Map is an interactive online app developed on behalf of the special initiative "Transformation of Agri-Food Systems". It contains informative texts, meaningful graphics and instructive videos that explore how the agricultural and food sector can be redesigned to become more sustainable.

The aim is to offer users inspirational insights, inform them of best practices, provide background knowledge and solutions, and encourage them to work towards and promote a better "food world" by making sustainable consumption choices.

After all, a healthier diet and more thoughtful purchasing decisions at the supermarket can positively impact our health, the environment and the livelihoods of many people who work in the complex system of the agricultural and food sector, i.e. in food production and processing. More conscious choices from cultivation to consumption of food create opportunities to transform agri-food systems and make them more sustainable, healthy and fair.

In contrast to traditional mapping applications, the Agri-Food Map enables topic-based exploration of the agri-food system. The app includes an interactive map that allows users to select different stages of the agricultural supply chain, from consumption to production, and access detailed information that facilitates a targeted and focused exploration of the background facts, challenges and possible solutions around the sustainable transformation of the system.


This article was taken from the Food4Transformation website.


More information:

Watch a video visualising the challenges and potential of the transformation of agricultural and food systems

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