Seven women from Africa and India have used innovative approaches in their villages which can serve as models in agriculture.
© GIZ/Sana Nasir

Game Changers – Women in Agriculture: The multimedia exhibition is here!

Women in rural areas are triggering great changes every day despite many obstacles. As part of the special “ONEWORLD No Hunger” initiative of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), seven women from Africa and Asia received awards for their commitment in agriculture. A digital exhibition tells their impressive success stories.

The competition “Game Changers - Women in Agriculture” was started in early 2020 by the BMZ as part of the ONEWORLD No Hunger special initiative launched in 2014. A multimedia exhibition is now available online.

Seven inspiring women

As gardeners, entrepreneurs and founders and chairs of farmers’ organisations, the seven Game Changers implemented and disseminated innovative approaches in agriculture in their villages and countries. They did this in the fields or in other parts of local value chains, for example in processing and marketing rice, tomatoes or cashew nuts. Through their work and their impact, the seven award winners in Togo, Benin, Ghana, India and South Sudan are motivating other people in rural areas to push for better conditions in agriculture and the rights (often ignored) of women.

A visually powerful exhibition with strong content

The path to success was not easy, and the women repeatedly had to struggle with opposition in their communities. How the seven women did this is currently being shown in a multimedia exhibition which captures and narrates their stories in images and sound. The Pakistani artist Sana Nasir illustrated the colourful exhibition, emphasising the very personal characteristics of the individual Game Changers.


More information:

Multimedia exhibition “Game Changers – Women in Agriculture”

GIZ Sustainable Rural Development sector project


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