Federal Development Minister Svenja Schulze and Brazil’s Environment Minister Marina Silva agreeing closer cooperation in forest conservation.
Photo: © BMZ

BMZ providing 200 million euros for emergency programmes with Brazil

The German Federal Government is launching new projects on forest conservation and reforestation in Brazil and contributing another 93 million euros to the Fundo Floresta – a fund which can provide money for forest conservation and sustainable use of the forests in the Amazon region at short notice.

German Federal Development Minister Svenja Schulze visited Brazil in late January. Together with Brazil’s Environment Minister Marina Silva, Schulze launched the Fundo Floresta, a fund that is making funds available as of now for forest conservation and sustainable management of forests in the Amazon region. The German Federal Ministry for Development and Economic Cooperation (BMZ) is contributing 31 million euros to the fund. Furthermore, the German Government is providing an additional 93 million euros for projects on reforestation of cleared land in the Amazon region.

In total, the BMZ is contributing 200 million euros to support the new Brazilian government in its first 100 days in office. The purpose of the measures is to contribute to global climate protection and improve the situation of the indigenous population groups in the Amazon region. Their source of livelihood is being destroyed by deforestation and other forms of encroachment on their areas.

Minister Schulze agreed close cooperation with Silva and with Brazil’s Minister for Indigenous Peoples, Sonja Guajajara.

Support to make the Brazilian economy more ecological and sustainable

“I have come to Brazil for talks and to listen. Where can we offer support, and what are the people here expecting from Germany?,” Schulze said in the Brazilian capital Brazilia. She continued: “Recurrent themes include the rift in Brazil’s society and the huge challenges the new government is facing.” President Lula promised to end forest degradation and make the economy more ecological and sustainable. This structural change will only be successful if it is also socially compatible and fair, and if no regions or population groups are left behind,” Lula said. “A lot depends on this transformation – for us all. The Amazon forests are the green lungs of our planet. Climate protection will not be successful without Brazil.”

The 200 million euros that the BMZ is providing in support of the new Brazilian government will be used as follows:

  • 93 million euros has been earmarked for helping small farmers reforest cleared land. This also involves a project in cooperation with the Instituto Terra, founded by famous photographer Sebastiao Salgado.
  • 35 million euros will be channelled via the Amazon Fund into projects that protect the forest from deforestation and degradation, including in more than 100 indigenous areas. The German Government had already committed these funds in 2017. During Bolsonaro’s governance, however, the Fund was frozen. When President Lula took office, the funds were released and can now be invested in new projects.
  • 31 million euros is available via the newly established Fundo Floresta for forest conservation projects and for the bioeconomy. The aim is to help the local population manage the forest sustainably, for instance regarding the processing of fruit such as Brazil nuts or Açaí berries or of plants for cosmetics or medicinal products.
  • 30 million euros is being provided available under a programme that supports small and medium-sized enterprises if they invest in measures to increase energy efficiency.
  • Nine million euros has been earmarked for supporting small and medium-sized businesses to meet their due diligence requirements on ensuring that their supply chains are sustainable and compliant with human rights.
  • Five million euros are made available for an advisory project to promote renewable energies in the industrial and transport sector.



More information:

Link to BMZ-press release: New start for the Amazon Fund

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