Improving income and nutrition with integrated farming systems

Indian agriculture is dominated by a large number of smallholders with scattered, fragmented holdings. Lack of adequate capital for investment has been the major constraint. In view of risk and uncertainty in agriculture, especially regarding high-value commodities, adoption of a farming system approach that integrates crop production with e.g. livestock and agro-forestry has become an important and effective strategy to overcome the difficulties.

The main focus of the study being presented in this article was to analyse the impact of various farming systems on income, with an emphasis on finding out the gap in nutritional security and inequity in general. Results indicated that the integrated farming system (agriculture+ horticulture+ sericulture+ livestock) was found to be one of the best alternative solutions in enhancing rural economy in terms of income levels and nutrition status.

Rajeshwari Mallegowda
Division of Co-operative Studies
Humboldt University of Berlin
Berlin, Germany

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