Enhancing opportunities for local community development: Honey production in Mozambique

As part of its commitment to local community development in Mozambique, the Community Land initiative (iTC), a project financed by a group of European donors, is supporting part of a honey production chain in Mozambique, specifically in Sussundenga district, Manica province. The support consists of building capacity among local honey producers groups.

The supported groups will then be organised in co-operatives, which are expected to hold 40 percent shares in the most recently established honey company, the Mozambique Honey Company (MHC). Twelve groups, comprising a total of 307 members, are the primary beneficiaries of the initiative.

The capacity building addressed by iTC is expected to continue in other locations, as it can ensure better natural resource management practices, such as reducing of wildfires and better forest management.

José Monteiro
KPMG - iTC - Iniciativa para Terras Comunitárias
Chimoio, Manica, Moçambique

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