Adapting African agriculture to climate change

Climate change is exacerbating poverty and hunger in the developing countries. Rural Africa is particularly badly affected. Although effective adaptation measures are available and have been incorporated into National Adaptation Programmes of Action (NAPAs), international funding for adaptation is not keeping pace with need.

The international commitments have so far been insufficient, and pledged funds tend to be channelled into mitigation projects rather than into adaptation measures in rural areas. Moreover, so far, only a small proportion of the funds has benefited Africa.

The COP 16 summit in Cancun has made important progress with regard to the principles of future funding mechanisms for adaptation and mitigation, yet future climate funds need to be able to support rather small and localised adaption measures in rural Africa if they are to be a relevant support in adapting African agriculture to climate change.

Christine Chemnitz
Advisor on International Agriculture
Heinrich Böll Foundation
Berlin, Germany

Heike Höffler
Agricultural Development Consultant
Bonn, Germany

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