Poverty is bitter, pineapples are sweet

Pineapple, the most important export crop in Ghana, is predominantly grown by small farmers. When a change in crop variety resulted in an export break down, the PINEX cooperation could survive thanks to a functioning organisation of the cooperative based on trust and good leadership. Being a group of more than 23 members the farms could readjust to their production and remained linked to the export market. A partnership with the fruit company Kingdom in Kpandu and strong support through the Ghanaian Market Oriented Agriculture Programme - MOAP, enabled PINEX members to improve their production and marketing.

Mawuli Agboka
Export Marketing Quality and Awareness Project
Accra, Ghana

Rüdiger Behrens,
Kofi Biney, Lothar Diehl
Market Oriented Agriculture Programme
Accra, Ghana

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