CAADP: Revitalising Africa?s agricultural sector

CAADP is an ambitious plan of the African community of states to reactivate agricultural policy on the continent and to make agriculture a key instrument in economic growth and in reducing poverty and hunger. One undisputed achievement of CAADP is the international visibility of African agriculture. The impacts on national and regional agricultural policies, however, cannot yet be assessed clearly. One positive outcome is that CAADP has contributed to universally recognised principles and rules for agricultural policy processes and has institutionally enshrined the regional contexts of national agricultural policy. It remains for CAADP to prove its added value in the implementation of these principles. To do so, there is above all a need for advances to be made in terms of transparency, communication and quality assurance.

Dr Michael Brüntrup
German Development Institute/ Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik
Bonn, Germany

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