Allanblackia - an ingredient for poverty reduction?

The oil-rich seeds of the Allanblackia tree have been used for food for generations in the most diverse countries and regions of Africa. Now the food industry in the industrialised world has discovered Allanblackia oil. This market presents new opportunities for African farmers. The cultivation of Allanblackia can contribute to food security in smallholder households for the following main reasons:  1. the net income from growing Allanblackia is higher than from cocoa or palm oil. 2. the harvesting time for Allanblackia falls between the other cash crops, which means that Allanblackia can be grown in addition.

Chris Buss
Forest Conservation Programme
International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Gland, Switzerland

Jukka Tissari
Forestry Officer- FAO Forestry Department
Rome, Italy

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