Food sovereignty and right to food: the case of Uganda

Several different challenges are faced by actors interested in food security and the human right to adequate food: extension of agrofuels; trade agreements with unbearable consequences for small-scale farmers; already tangible climate changes; mining and other ?development? projects destroying livelihoods and evicting millions of people in the rural areas of the Global South; uncontrolled use of pesticides and shared fear of consumers and small producers concerning GMOs. In the light of all these challenges, the debate about food sovereignty appears to be necessary and legitimate. Today, Uganda is symptomatic of the persisting and emerging challenges to food security and nutrition. The right to adequate food and the tools it offers are attracting growing attention by both government and civil society.

Sandra Ratjen
FIAN International
Heidelberg, Germany
in collaboration with
Irene Wasike Muwanguzi,
The Hunger Project Uganda
Peter Rukundo,
University of Makerere, Uganda
and James Kintu, Action Aid Uganda

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