Warming of the world’s oceans is also going to result in considerable changes in maritime biodiversity. In some regions, this could lead to greater biodiversity. However, scientists are also worried about the threat of losing...[more]

Food security


Many of the undernourished people in Africa and Asia are small-scale farmers. Diversifying production on these farms is often perceived as a promising strategy to improve dietary quality. A study revealed that improving small...[more]

Plant breeding


Africa’s warm and wet future climate will support foreign crop pests, researchers warn in a study published in August 2015. Moreover, irrigation will also increase the habitat for insects such as tomato leaf miners.[more]



The malaria vaccine Mosquirix receives positive scientific opinion from EMA in July 2015. It could be used for vaccination of young children, together with established antimalarial interventions. [more]

Climate change


Deforestation of natural tropical forests for the establishment of oil palm, rubber and cacao plantations causes large amounts of carbon to be released into the atmosphere. German scientists are therefore calling on IPCC to...[more]

Plant breeding


A team of researchers at the Australian Murdoch University have designed an efficient, small-scale greenhouse combining desalination with food production.[more]



Birds and bats are important pest control agents, and as such make an important economic contribution to agriculture. An international team investigated the influence of these creatures on harvest yields in the tropics.[more]

Closing ceremony of the Conference.



At the third International Conference on Financing for Development, Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, the chair of the African Union Commission, called upon universities across Africa to link up their agricultural research and teaching...[more]

Closing ceremony of the Conference.



Despite scientific advances around climate impacts, how livestock will be affected is still a relatively uncharted scientific territory. A new CGIAR working paper summarises what we know about climate change impacts on livestock...[more]



Small spelt – golden corn, as one could sum up the results of a scientific study conducted at the University of Hohenheim that took a closer look at ancient wheat varieties; for small spelt produces more lutein, which protects...[more]

Plant breeding


The aim of a five-year NARITA bananas project is to boost ongoing efforts to deliver high-yielding, disease-resistant and superior cooking banana varieties to increase food security and improve incomes of smallholder farmers in...[more]



A new ILRI report reviews the knowns and unknowns of antimicrobial resistance in animal agriculture in developing countries.[more]



People are fascinated by the amazing diversity of tropical forests and will be surprised to learn that there are possibly more than 53,000 tree species in the tropics, in contrast to only 124 across temperate Europe. [more]

Food security


During the 1970s, when severe droughts affected West African farmers, cereal banks became popular in the region. However, things quickly became very quiet again about this type of food security scheme, probably also because many...[more]



Its iron-rich pearl millet ICTP-8203Fe reverses iron deficiency in children, reports HarvestPlus. Tens of thousands of farmers cultivate this pearl millet. Critics fear that excessive dependency on a single foodstuff could lead...[more]

Plant breeding


Responding to fears that bean production will take a big hit from global warming, CIAT scientists have identified about 30 “elite” lines showing tolerance to temperatures 4 degrees Centigrade above the crop’s normal “comfort zone...[more]



Scientists at the German Senckenberg Research Institute have modelled the effects of changing land use on biodiversity in lotic waters for the first time. The results show that changing land uses are a much stronger driver of...[more]



SAYE, a plant-based medicine, is used in Burkina Faso to treat malaria. As indepth scientific findings on the medicine are not available, a clinical trial of SAYE versus ACT is now to be implemented in uncomplicated malaria in...[more]

Animal Health


The chytrid fungus is thought to have spread around the world from frog species exported from Africa and can cause frogs and other amphibians to die out.[more]


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