An international team of researchers in Ghana have discovered new strains of cattle virus that are distant relatives of the hepatitis C virus, which is dangerous to humans. The German Center for Infection Research (DZIF) plays a...[more]



World-wide, over one third of deaths among children under five years old are associated with malnutrition. Scientists, field workers and representatives from government, private sector and civil society met at the 2nd...[more]

Soil fertility


N2Africa, a research project by Wageningen University - that encourages African farmers to plant beans as food and fertiliser could help counteract the impact of limited fertiliser take-up across the continent. The project won...[more]

Plant breeding


Improved planting materials from orphaned crops will soon be released to smallholder farmers throughout Africa by the Nairobi-based World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF).[more]

Plant breeding


The Musa Germplasm Information System (MGIS) development team at Bioversity International and its MusaNet partners have just launched a new and improved version of MGIS. [more]



The global threat that insecticides pose for aquatic biodiversity has been revealed in a recent modelling study that pinpoints areas at greatest risk. [more]

Natural resources


Scientists warn us to use renewable resources more efficiently, as there are limits to even their use.[more]



Genomes of 16 Anopheles mosquito species have now been sequenced.[more]



African animal trypanosomiasis is still the main obstacle to the development of livestock production in sub-Saharan Africa. To fight the disease, effective methods are now available for eradicating the tsetse flies that transmit...[more]



Conventional agriculture is ecologically questionable but nevertheless regarded as considerably more productive than organic farming. Researchers in the USA have now examined how big the yield gap is between these forms of...[more]



How can the clear-cutting of tropical rainforests be checked? One approach is to recultivate fallow land. This has been demonstrated in an international study on the basis of surveys in Ecuador’s mountainous regions. [more]



Global forest conservation measures meant to mitigate climate change are likely to drive massive cropland expansion into shrub-lands or savannahs to satisfy the ever-growing hunger for arable land. The consequent changes in land...[more]



Livestock production is responsible for a large amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. However, numerous approaches have been developed to reduce these emissions and thus lower environmental pollution caused by livestock...[more]



Biomass is a natural resource with a number of competing uses: food, feed, materials and energy. The demands of a growing world population cannot be met without using this valuable resource in more efficient and more sustainable...[more]



Making better and more diversified use of plants in order to benefit from existing resources is one of the targets that the bioeconomy has set itself. As a rule, however, this means that first of all, a lot of research has to be...[more]


19-23 April 2015 - Berlin, Germany

Global Soil Week 2015

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1-2 May 2015 - Meknes, Morocco

International Conference on Agro-Management and E-Agriculture

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17-24 May 2015 - United Nations Headquarters, New York

The 2nd Annual United Nations Sustainable Energy for All Forum

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20-22 May 2015 - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 

The 10th eLearning Africa Conference

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1-19 June 2015 - Freiburg, Germany

Summer school “Integrated Land Use Systems” (ILUS)

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14-18 June 2015 - Minneapolis-Saint Paul, USA

IFAMA 25th Annual World Forum and Symposium: Innovation, Talent, and Technology in 21st Century of Agribusiness

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8-11 June 2015 - GIZ Conference Centre, Feldafing, Germany

WOCAT Symposium and the 17th WOCAT Network Meeting

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17-19 June 2015 - Halle (Saale), Germany

IAMO Forum 2015 “Agriculture and Climate Change in Transition Economies”

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24-27 June 2015 - Milano, Italy

World Farmers Organisation (WFO) GENERAL ASSEMBLY

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25-27 August 2015 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

7th ICSA International Conference on Sustainable Agriculture for Food, Energy and Industry in Regional and Global Context

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16 - 18 September 2015 - Humboldt-University Berlin, Germany

Tropentag 2015

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4-7 October 2015 - Cape Town, South Africa

SAIREC 2015 Conferences on Renewable Energy

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4-7 October 2015- Rome,Italy

The First International Congress on Postharvest Loss Prevention

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4 - 10 October 2015 - Heidelberg University, Germany

7th German-Brazilian Symposium for Sustainable Development - Interaction between earth resources and processes and human societies

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19-22 November 2015 - Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria Hotel Manila, Philippines

Moringa Symposium and Congress

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17-22 July 2016 - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Tenth International Rangeland Congress (IRC) “The Future Management of Grazing and Wild Lands in a High Tech World”

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