In vitro banana collection at the Bioversity International Transit Centre, Belgium.
Photo:Bioversity International/N. Roux

New Musa Germplasm Information System available

The Musa Germplasm Information System (MGIS) development team at Bioversity International and its MusaNet partners have just launched a new and improved version of MGIS.

The Musa Germplasm Information System (MGIS) is the most extensive source of documentation on banana genetic resources. It contains key information on banana germplasm diversity – such as passport data, botanical classification, morpho-taxonomic descriptors, molecular studies, plant photographs and GIS information. According to Bioversity International, currently 2,281 banana accessions are managed in six gene banks around the world, including the 1,456 accessions conserved in Bioversity International's global ex situ banana collection at the International Transit Centre in Leuven, Belgium.

This new system properly acknowledges the many data providers on which MGIS depends for data quality and completion, says the MGIS team in a press release.

Improvements include:
•    All information on a single accession can be viewed in one page
•    Taxonomic content of each collection is summarised graphically
•    Insertion of diversity studies based on molecular markers
•    Easier data filtering and export functions
•    Users can share comments on any accession. Accessions can be requested online.

The MGIS team notes that this new version was also developed with the use of open source technologies that allow management of multi-location experiments to enhance a better integration with genomics-based data currently stored in the Banana Genome Hub and to facilitate connection with mobile devices for data capture. The website will continue to evolve in terms of features and content.

More information:
MGIS website 
International Transit Centre Leuven Website

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