Plant breeding


An international team of scientists have demonstrated for the first time that it is possible to speed up banana breeding using genomic prediction models that accurately select banana hybrids with desired traits. more

Plant protection


A new, faster, and more accurate way of identifying infectious organisms—down to their genetic fingerprint—could finally put farmers a step ahead of bacterial blight. more



A simple, sensitive and reduced cost paper-based bio-sensor with a low quantity of chemicals for the early diagnosis of malaria has been developed by Brazilian researchers. It detects falciparum malaria protein within 30 minutes....more

Plant breeding


Indian smallholder farmers could soon benefit from the growing confectionary peanut market, as the first-ever high oleic groundnut varieties adapted to India are ready for release.more

Climate change


Scientists are developing a new life cycle assessment method to calculate the CO2 footprint of agricultural products from crop rotation systems.more

Climate change


Global warming affects more than just plant biodiversity - it even alters the way plants grow. German scientists studied the mechanisms that control plant growth at high temperatures. In the future this could help breed plants...more



CGIAR is launching a new research programme to improve rural economies and nutrition through grain legumes and dryland cereals. more



Plastic bags are known to disrupt the environment. For instance, once in the soil, they slowly release toxic chemicals. When animals eat them, they often choke and die.more



Hope for bee-keepers all over the world: for the first time, researchers at the University of Hohenheim have discovered a drug that can be administered through the feed, with the potential for freeing attacked bee stocks from the...more



From Alaska to the Amazon. Detailed global maps of key plant growth features have been compiled by an international team of researchers in the framework of the European Union’s “Biosphere Atmosphere Change Index – BACI”...more

Food security


Even as debate stirs on the most preferred mode of transfer, a team of scientists at the International Food Policy Institute (IFPRI) find social protection programmes increase food consumption, caloric acquisition, and formation...more

Global warming could cause pacific islands to lose up to 80 per cent of fisheries. <br/> Photo: flickr/Ryan McMinds


Pacific island countries could lose up to 80 per cent of fisheries, a recent study has found. Countries in the Pacific heavily depend on fish as an important source of food and income.more

Plant breeding


Using non-GM molecular breeding techniques, ICARDA scientists have developed a set of durum wheat varieties that can withstand up to 40°C heat along the Senegal River basin. Once scaled up, the technology will offer potential to...more



Scientists found strong evidence of an association between Ebola outbreak locations and deforestation. The data could lead to the development of an early warning system. Most Ebola outbreaks happen in remote, rural communities...more

Climate change


Deforestation linked to palm oil production is making Indonesia warmer. An international team of experts on bioclimatology report effects on temperatures after changes in land use that are making the country more vulnerable to...more

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