Terralona, a spectacular Model of Earth, displayed at Norra Latin, the venue of the 2022 World Water Week, by the Czech Embassy, courtesy of the Brno Planetarium Hvězdárna a planetárium Brno and the artistic group VISUALOVE.
Photo: © SIWI

World Water Week 2022 – a focus on the value of water for people, nature and the economy

Today, water stress due to climatic hazards such as extreme droughts and floods is affecting many countries, limiting their access to clean drinking water. This year, World Water Week, which took place from the 23rd August to the 1st September, focused on unseen water and especially on the value of water for people and development and for nature and climate change, and the financial and economic value of water.

World Water Week 2022 has seen over 5,000 participants from more than 150 countries take part online and on-site. The conference has had a record number of first-time visitors, of women and of people under 35, all of them bearing testimony to the increasing understanding of water being a key component of a sustainable future.

Some of the key messages coming out of the conference are:

There are more solutions than most people think. World Water Week 2022 has demonstrated a broad range of concrete ideas that could greatly reduce the impact of droughts, floods and storms across the world, including investments in sanitation, regenerative farming, water-smart city planning, early-warning systems and watershed restoration, to name but a few. Often, what is needed is political will and increased investments.

Water needs to be at the top of the global agenda. There is growing recognition that we will not achieve the Sustainable Development Goals without profound and inclusive transformations. Water is essential to all the goals, which is why it is so important that World Water Week is increasingly becoming a conference about water for people rather than a conference for water people. The climate conference COP 27 in November 2022, the biodiversity conference COP 15 in December 2022 and the United Nations Water Conference in March 2023 will all be of crucial importance.

We need a new relationship with nature. Biodiversity, ecosystems and the role of the water cycle are increasingly understood and highlighted. One important growing trend is to view water holistically, recognising the connection between land-based, freshwater and marine ecosystems. This also means that the source-to-sea approach to management is rapidly gaining more traction.

Explaining why, the World Water Week theme in 2023 will be innovation, Torgny Holmgren, executive director of Stockholm International Water Institute, organiser of World Water Week, said:

“The topic of innovation in water is very much needed, and it feels like the logical next step after the discussions we have had this year about the value of water. There is no quick fix to the climate and water crisis or any of the other problems we are facing. We need profound transformations of all sectors of society – food, energy, water – and that will require new kinds of innovations. World Water Week 2023 will be about fostering this new thinking about what innovation really is and what it can be.”

World Water Week 2023 will be held in Stockholm from the 27th August to the 1st September 2023.

(SIWI/UN Water/pas)

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