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This report focuses on the pivotal role women play in food systems and economies. The authors point out that sexist ideas and practices have kept their roles and specific needs hidden from the general public eye.

This year’s edition of the report Right to Food and Nutrition Watch takes a look at the role of woman in fostering food security. Entitled Women’s Power in Food Struggles, it  was published on the occasion of World Food Day 2019, 16 October, by the Global Network for the Right to Food and Nutrition.

In today’s context of rising hunger and ecological collapse, women and all those who seek to re-imagine food, environment and economies, face ever-increasing attacks. The authors address key issues of power, and expose the structural violence that degrades both women and the environment.

Paradoxically, women make up the bulk of food producers worldwide and yet they are disproportionately affected by hunger - this remains widely unrecognized, the authors say. In some places, women are underrepresented and erased from food policies, research and data. In other cases, women’s food and bodily autonomy are limited by authoritarianism and religious conservatism.

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