Pulses, nutritious seeds for a sustainable future

The FAO publication provides an overview on pulses and the ways they benefit nutrition, health, biodiversity and food security.

Pulses, nutritious seeds for a sustainable future’’ FAOs recently published book on pulses takes readers on a 190-page journey through kitchens and cultures across the world, delving into cooking pots and local histories to explore the indigenous roots, contemporary benefits and timeless flavors of dried bean cuisine.

The book released in May 2016, doesn’t just cater to readers’ taste buds; it is also packed with information, graphics and factoids on pulses: their diversity, where they’re grown and which countries grow and trade them, and their nutritional characteristics.

The authors also perceive that in the age of climate change, pulses have much to offer to farmers looking to adapt their production to changing climate conditions.
Moreover, the book explains step-by-step what to look for when buying them, how to grow them at home, and how to cook them.

It follows ten internationally acclaimed chefs on their daily trip to the market and joins them back to their kitchens as they prepare three easy, pulse-based dishes and share their best kept cooking secrets.

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