Mechanized – Transforming Africa’s Agriculture Value Chains

This report argues that successful mechanisation will be key to tackling major challenges on the African continent, from spiralling food import costs to rampant rural unemployment.

The report Mechanized – Transforming Africa’s Agriculture Value Chains was published in July 2018 by the Malabo Montpellier Panel, a group of 17 African and international experts. It showcases evidence to guide African governments in successfully mechanising Africa’s agribusiness value chains.
The report addresses concerns that the mechanisation of African agriculture could diminish employment opportunities. It emphasizes investment opportunities along the entire agricultural value chain – from small farm production to processing, transport and storage.
The authors argue that mechanisation of African agriculture will not necessarily be labour replacing. When done right, it can be employment enhancing. Moreover, it is an opportunity to reduce food losses and counter rising African food imports.
Currently, urban labour markets are breaking under the pressures of young people migrating from rural areas into cities. By 2030, it is projected that the number of young people in Africa will have increased by 42 per cent. An estimated 30 million young people will join the employment market every year.
Analyses of the policies and investments made by seven African countries identified as at the forefront of mechanisation are a key feature of the report. Ethiopia, Morocco, Mali, Rwanda, Tanzania, Malawi and Zambia have all shown strong growth in both mechanisation and agricultural output.

The African food and beverage market is projected to reach USD 1 trillion by 2030. Thanks to advances in renewable energy and digital technology, Africa could leapfrog the stages of technological development other regions have had to undertake, making its mechanisation process both swift and extremely lucrative, according to the report.

(Malabo Montpellier Panel/ile)
More information and download: Mechanized – Transforming Africa’s Agriculture Value Chains
Download a summary of the report Mechanized: Transforming Africa’s Agriculture Value Chains

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