Development Co-operation Report 2018

To leave no one behind, business-as-usual development co-operation will not suffice according to the authors of the „Development Co-operation Report 2018“. Development co-operation frame-works need to be updated to achieve the SDGs for all.

The “Development Co-operation Report 2018 - Joining Forces to Leave No One Behind” was published in December 2018 by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

The authors argue that there is need to renew development strategies because of changing global realities, like rising income and wealth inequalities within and between countries and more frequent climate-related shocks.

The report calls for providers to update development co-operation frameworks in three ways:

• A new narrative spelling out the mutual benefits of leaving no one behind for everyone;

• Deliberately mainstreaming the objective of inclusive, equitable and sustainable development through development co‑operation portfolios, and harnessing agents of change, innovation and data;

• A smarter use and allocation of Official Development Assistance (ODA) as an integral part of broader efforts to increase the volume of financing to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for all.

In order to achieve the SDGs for all, the report identifies eight critical issues that need to be tackled: ending extreme poverty in countries most in need; tackling rising income inequality; addressing fragility; enabling inclusive governance; the imperative of climate action; making progress towards gender equality and women’s economic empowerment; including the world’s 1.2 billion young people; and ensuring persons with disabilities are no longer left behind.

The report contains the individual aid profiles of all members of OECDs Development Assistance Committee (DAC) as well as 13 other providers that report to the OECD in a sufficiently granular manner, and of private development finance from two foundations. It also includes estimates on development finance for 10 countries that do not currently report to the OECD.


More information and download the “Development Co-operation Report 2018 - Joining Forces to Leave No One Behind”:


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