What is the state of transparency and accountability in the forestry sector in developing countries? And what influence are European Union policies having on national forest policies? The World Agroforestry Center has had a look...more

This annual OECD report takes a look at agricultural policies in over fifty countries. It includes a broad overview of the current situation and gives recommendations for the future.more



A report by FAO addresses informal trade in sub-Saharan Africa and provides a broad overview as well as policy recommendations. Informal trade is very common in sub-Saharan Africa, but differs from region to region. more



The Ocean Atlas calls for a global rethink and local action concerning our interactions with oceans and coastal regions. The atlas provides in brief lessons, graphics and illustrations of vital facts and figures an overview of...more



Buying a few roses quickly for a birthday? In Europe, more and more supermarkets are offering fresh cut flowers. But customers mostly have no idea of the global business that stands behind them. A dissertation on the global cut...more

Rural development


Unlock the potential of African entrepreneurs for accelerating Africa’s industrial transformation, says the African Economic Outlook 2017.more



Energy production in Africa is unable to meet the demand of the African population. Nevertheless, there are huge energy resources on the African continent that could be discovered to enhance the energy supply. This Atlas shows...more



This report provides summary findings and conclusions from a set of five case studies examining the scaling up of pro-poor agricultural innovations through commercial pathways in developing countries.more

Food security


With the Sustainable Development Goals, the international community of states has set itself the goal of putting an end to hunger by 2030. Seven development co-operation experts have now presented their strategies addressing this...more

The authors inquire into how smallholder farmers’ practices are affected by seed policies and laws in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. This publication comes at a time when power is becoming increasingly compacted on the seed market. more

Climate change


Soil management could make or break climate change response efforts because the Earth's soil carbon reservoir could either release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere or sequester them, according to a report by FAO.more



In many countries, a lack of access to financial services is a factor which hinders or blocks economic growth. The authors investigate how far the German savings bank model can be transferred to developing and transition...more



Sustainable Soil Management (SSM) is a valuable tool for climate change adaptation and a pathway for safeguarding key ecosystem services and biodiversity.more

Food security


What would it cost to end hunger, and what are the contributions that donors need to make? These issues have been examined by the International Institute for Sustainable Development and the International Food Policy Research...more

Development policy


The Indian economy is expanding at a fast pace, boosting living standards and reducing poverty nationwide. But there is still a large inequality of living standards between rural and urban areas, and the rural areas are lagging...more

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