This book, published by IFPRI, is devoted to the relationship between the global trading system and food security. The authors believe that international trade can make an important contribution to reducing food insecurity more

Food security


A new report published by the World Food Programme provides a comprehensive quantitative and qualitative analysis of trends, challenges and innovative solutions in food assistance.more



Published in the UN Year of Sustainable Tourism, a new report states that tourism can be a strong driver in the development of LDC economies. The report refers to the capacity of tourism to create jobs and therefore to create...more



A report commissioned via the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States, the European Union and IFPRI, the International Food Policy Research Institute, takes a look at African agricultural trade and its prospects for the...more

Climate change


A new report by the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) provides an overview of the multiple climate hazard risks in South Asia. It suggests methods for mapping such risks and estimating their impacts on people and...more

Climate change


Climate change would severely affect future growth in Asia, reverse current development gains, and degrade quality of life, according to a new report by ADB and PIK. more

Climate change


A new OECD publication describes how low-emission and climate-resilient development can be achieved without compromising economic growth, competitiveness or well-being. The authors therefore call for shifting investment capital...more



Published on the 10th July, the opening day of the High Level Panel on Sustainable Development in New York, USA, “Spotlight on Sustainable Development 2017” provides a comprehensive assessment of the 2030 Agenda and the...more



Experts from OECD and FAO see slower growth in food demand and infer that this could keep world food prices low in the coming years.more



What is the state of transparency and accountability in the forestry sector in developing countries? And what influence are European Union policies having on national forest policies? The World Agroforestry Center has had a look...more

This annual OECD report takes a look at agricultural policies in over fifty countries. It includes a broad overview of the current situation and gives recommendations for the future.more



A report by FAO addresses informal trade in sub-Saharan Africa and provides a broad overview as well as policy recommendations. Informal trade is very common in sub-Saharan Africa, but differs from region to region. more



The Ocean Atlas calls for a global rethink and local action concerning our interactions with oceans and coastal regions. The atlas provides in brief lessons, graphics and illustrations of vital facts and figures an overview of...more



Buying a few roses quickly for a birthday? In Europe, more and more supermarkets are offering fresh cut flowers. But customers mostly have no idea of the global business that stands behind them. A dissertation on the global cut...more

Rural development


Unlock the potential of African entrepreneurs for accelerating Africa’s industrial transformation, says the African Economic Outlook 2017.more

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