Plant protection


African countries are faced with Fall Armyworm (FAW) infestation of millions of hectares of maize, most in the hands of smallholder farmers. A new FAO-Guide aims to help farmers in fighting FAW in an integrated, ecological and...more



Environmental risks are highest ranked in this year’s Global Risks Report. Other high-ranked risks are cyber-attacks and the possibility of a water crisis.more

Climate change


As weather extremes mount in many countries, climate change is receiving increasing attention. A new book that has been published in Australia takes a look at the prospects of halting global warming.more



This book provides an overview on how India’s pulses sector has evolved over time. The authors take a look at the pulse value chain and consumption as well as government interventions.more

Climate change


This Atlas addresses the knowledge gap in detailed information about suitable areas for key agroforestry species in Central America under future climates by providing detailed suitability maps for each species. more

The Food Sustainability Index 2017 is headed by France, followed by Japan and Germany. These countries stand out for their particularly sustainable food systems.more



Currently, 50 per cent of the people on the African continent are under 18. By 2030 there will be 170 million more children and young people between the Mediterranean and the Cape of Good Hope. We need to invest in the future of...more

Food security


A new report by the World Food Programme (WFP) examines the impact of climate change on global food security. The report covers regional analyses (e.g. Asia, East Africa) as well as country analyses (e.g. Afghanistan,...more



The Global Nutrition Report 2017 calls for nutrition to be placed at the heart of efforts to end poverty, fight disease, raise educational standards and tackle climate change. more



The authors of the Energy Access Outlook 2017 are optimistic that universal energy access by 2030 is now within reach thanks to growing political will and falling costs. Nevertheless, sub-Saharan Africa is lacking behind and...more



This report aims to offer a better understanding of complex rural migration patterns in sub-Saharan Africa and highlights the important role rural areas will continue to play in shaping the continent’s migration for decades to...more



Vulnerability to extreme natural hazards appears to have decreased over the last few years, according to the WorldRiskReport. However, threats owing to weather extremes are on the increase.more



This report highlights the impacts of changing climate and erratic rainfalls on farms, firms and families. It offers proposals for how to tackle these challenges, calling for new policies, innovation and collaborations. more

Food security


A new report by the World Bank shows how food and voucher programmes remain relevant, although vulnerable people are increasingly supported by cash systems. more



Overreliance on too few varieties and species is leaving the food system unnecessarily exposed to shocks and stresses, this study warns. Moreover, it is neglecting a high-impact solution to major health, environmental and food...more

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