Food security


Ending conflicts is important to reduce the need for food assistance, according to a report published by WFP. The authors examined what needs to be done to protect people from food crises.more

Rural development


The food economy plays an important role in employment in West Africa, particularly in rural areas. This paper published by OECD takes a look at the current structure of employment in the West African food economy.more



While the gender gaps are closing, mobility has stalled for the last three decades, according to a report by the World Bank Group.more



Making forest concessions more transparent, accountable and pro-poor – this is the aim of the voluntary guidelines for forest concessions in the tropics, published by FAO. They are built on lessons learnt to offer practical...more



The report “Soil pollution – a hidden reality” published by the FAO aims to summarise the current state of soil pollution, and to identify the main pollutants and their sources affecting human health and the environment, paying...more



A roadmap for businesses operating in some of the most biologically significant places on the planet has been published by the Key Biodiversity Area Partnership.more

Climate change


This paper by CGIAR/CCAFS shows innovations and tools for countries to optimise the effectiveness and benefits of their National Adaptation Plans.more



The „World Water Development Report – Nature-based Solutions for Water“ proposes solutions to achieve better water management based on nature.more



The vast majority of investment is still short-term oriented and commitments by the international community to create sustainable economies are not being met, warns the new report published by the UN.more



The World Bank report The State of Social Safety Nets 2018 takes a look at social safety net programmes that exist globally. Although adoption of such programmes has increased in recent years, coverage remains inadequate.more



Earthquake in Nepal, war in Syria – how to measure the impact of these disasters and crises on agriculture and food security? The FAO has provided an update on the state of post-disaster agriculture in developing countries.more

Food security


The authors of the Global Food Policy Report warn against increasing isolationism and protectionism and advocate free trade, which they consider to be an instrument that improves livelihoods. more

Food security


The FOOD 2030 outcome report provides an overview of the key messages and conclusions of the conference on research and innovations of the European Union with regard to Food Nutrition and Security (FNS). The report will feed into...more



The new flagship report of the UN Women Organization uncovers significant gaps for women’s empowerment and puts forth a robust agenda to shift gears. It spotlights inequalities and challenges faced by women and identifies gaps...more

Food security


The first Right to Food and Nutrition Watch appeared in 2008, as a consequence of the world food price crisis. Ten years later, despite some progress, many of the problems that led to the crisis persist, the authors of the 10th...more

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