Global food markets can contribute to climate-change response efforts and to fighting food insecurity, according to a report published by FAO. For this, trade policies are needed that promote well-functioning global markets,...more



The report prepared by The World in 2050 initiative focuses on transformative governance patterns, concrete political, social, and institutional policies and reforms to implement the 2030 Agendamore

Food security


The 2018 edition of the annual UN report states that the number of food-insecure people in the world is still rising. Immediate action is needed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal of Zero Hunger by 2030.more

Development policy


Africa's agriculture has the potential to become the driving force of the continent’s development, according to a study by Berlin Institute.more



This year’s World’s Forests report by FAO urges governments to foster an all-inclusive approach to benefit both trees and those who rely on them. But the report also points out a gradual increase in sustainable practices...more

Rural mechanisation


This report argues that successful mechanisation will be key to tackling major challenges on the African continent, from spiralling food import costs to rampant rural unemployment.more

Development policy


The report argues that Africa needs more coherent development strategies that prioritise improved public action in order to stand up to the challenges of growth, jobs and inequalities prompted by the continent's remarkable...more



Security of access to lands, territories and natural resources is fundamental to the autonomous development of indigenous peoples. A new report by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) looks at the collective...more

The Spotlight Report on Sustainable Development 2018 includes a chapter on the links between food, health and the environment that calls for new priorities and approaches to make food systems sustainable. The Report was launched...more

The 31st OECD report on agricultural policies covers 51 countries, among them also a set of emerging economies. Recommendations regarding agricultural subsidies address only some of the aspects that have come under criticism.more



How to restore forests in displacement-affected areas, where heavy reliance on wood fuel puts forests and woodlands in jeopardy? The FAO and the UNHCR have launched a new handbook on forest management in displacement settings.more



A new publication by the OECD takes a look at the working situation of the rural youth in developing countries. They work mainly in subsistence agriculture but they are often unsatisfied with their employment situation and...more



Slowing population growth is expected to lead to a decelerating demand for food, according to the Agricultural Outlook 2018-2027 published by OECD and FAO.more



A new guide, published by FAO, provides 20 inter-connected actions to transform food and agriculture and lists concrete steps to speed up implementation of the Sustainable Development Agenda. more



Are we on track towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals? Based on a wide range of data, the World Bank’s 2018 Atlas of Sustainable Development Goals shows progress and possibilities in global development.more

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