The report, published by OECD, concludes that development strategies must do more to embrace the multidimensionality of development, acknowledging the fact that growth does not automatically yield improvements in well-being.more

Food security


Global food systems are failing humanity and speeding up climate change, according to a new report from 130 national academies published in November 2018 in the foreground to COP24.more



This publication details global energy trends and what possible impact they will have on supply and demand, carbon emissions, air pollution, and energy access. The scenario-based analysis outlines different possible futures for...more



The 2018 WorldRiskReport is dedicated to “Child Protection and Children’s Rights”. It includes the WorldRiskIndex indicating 172 countries risk getting hit by an extreme natural event leading to a disaster.more

Development policy


The World Bank published the 16th edition of the “Doing Business Report 2019” comparing 190 economies with regard to regulations and business development.more



In six different sections, the UNFPA report looks at the choice of having children, reproductive rights and fertility rates and compares demographic transitions across the globe.more



The global network REN21, with over 900 international experts, has published the Renewables 2018 Global Status Report. Key findings are that innovations towards a renewable energy future exist, but and not fast enough to reduce...more

Climate change


A new report by the Climate Land Ambition and Rights Alliance looks at approaches to mitigating climate change that are already available, and that safeguard food security and food sovereignty, land rights, and biodiversity.more

Food security


At a time where technology is infiltrating every area of our lives, this year’s Right to Food and Nutrition Watch report takes a closer look at how this new era impacts food, our source of life, identity and social relations.more

Poverty reduction


Despite decline in extreme poverty, broader measures show billions still struggle to meet basic needs. Global poverty has fallen to a new low of 10 per cent. But poverty rates remain high in low-income countries, countries...more



This year’s FAO report on the State of Food and Agriculture is devoted to the topic of migration. It provides an analysis of the factors in rural areas which contribute to migration decisions and recommends tailored policy and...more



Africa’s global exports increased by one third between 1998 and 2013, but constraints to trade and growing import levels continue to limit the continent from reaching its potential notes report.more



The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are unlikely to be met without massive investments in different forms of innovation: incremental improvements and transformative innovations pursuing bold missions and bottom-up solutions....more



Global food markets can contribute to climate-change response efforts and to fighting food insecurity, according to a report published by FAO. For this, trade policies are needed that promote well-functioning global markets,...more



The report prepared by The World in 2050 initiative focuses on transformative governance patterns, concrete political, social, and institutional policies and reforms to implement the 2030 Agendamore

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