Reconciling conservation efforts with people’s needs is a major challenge that demands innovation and solutions tailored to local circumstances, notes IFAD.more



The growing local use of forest resources is seen as the main culprit for the decline. Moreover, villages are less likely to perceive resource declines when local communities own a significant share of forest area, perceives...more

Cocoa production


A new study compiled for the French Fair Trade Platform suggests that fair trade ensuring that cocoa producers earn enough to cover their production costs and the basic needs of their families can improve the sustainability of...more



An increased demand for processed food based on pulses offers opportunities of employment and entrepreneurship for women and youth, while the demand for pulses and residues as animal feed is also growing due to changing...more



The OECD and the UN FAO have developed guidance to help enterprises observe standards of responsible business conduct to ensure that their operations do not lead to adverse impacts and contribute to sustainable development.more



Recognition of the true value of ecosystem services, and of the opportunities they offer, will enable better planning and realization of the full economic potential of dryland ecosystems.more

Climate change


The Global Climate Risk Index 2017 perceives that between 1996 and 2015, more than 528 000 people died worldwide as a direct result of almost 11 000 extreme weather events.more



The combination of agriculture and entrepreneurship is the key to addressing the youth employment challenge. This is particularly true for Africa, perceives new report.more



Will the 10-year-olds of today be healthier, free of extreme poverty, and full and equal participants in their communities and nations 15 years from now? asks this UNFPA report.more

Food security


This year’s edition of the Watch turns the spotlight on people-centered monitoring of the right to food and nutrition.more

Food security


The pledge to eradicate hunger and poverty must go hand in hand with rapid transformations of farming and food systems to cope with a warmer world, says FAO a new report. more

Poverty reduction


Despite progress, extreme poverty remains unacceptably high, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa, notes World Bank report.more

Rural women


The studies report on an interconnected mix of legal, religious, educational, economic, social and political reasons for discriminatory inheritance practices.more

Coastal protection


This report considers the economic costs of climate adaptation, and proposes adaptation strategies for areas including infrastructure and buildings, coastal protection, water resources, flooding and agriculture, with special...more

Land governance


Millions of hectares of land have been acquired by investors to meet rising demand for food and biofuels, or for speculation at the expense of those who need the land most and are best placed to protect it says Oxfam report. more

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