The World Bank published a new report focusing on the opportunities and limitations of African women creating business.more

This new report finds that integrating green and gray infrastructure can help deliver a “triple-win” with benefits for the economy, communities, and the environment.more

Food security


The latest annual Global Food Policy Report highlights the urgency of rural revitalisation in developing countries. The crisis in rural areas is threatening progress in hunger and poverty reduction, the report authors warn.more



While the demand for livestock-derived foods is rising fast across Africa and Asia, driven largely by population growth in Africa and rising incomes in Asia, it remains low by western standards. This publication by ILRI addresses...more

Food security


Agriculture's potential to improve nutrition is just beginning to be tapped, the authors argue. The book strengthens the evidence base for, and expands the author’s vision of how agriculture can contribute to nutrition. more

Organic farming


Global organic area reaches another all-time high, according to new data from FiBL and IFOAM. Organic farmland increased by 20 per cent compared to 2016.more



The foundation of our food systems is under severe threat, according to this FAO report. The authors point to decreasing plant diversity in farmers’ fields, rising numbers of livestock breeds at risk of extinction and increases...more



Rising geopolitical and geo-economic tensions are the most urgent risk in 2019, says this report. Moreover, environmental degradation, partly related to climate, and rapidly evolving cyber and technological threats are the most...more

Rural development


A new FAO publication gives recommendations on how we can improve our food systems. According to the authors, achieving sustainable agriculture requires an integrated approach.more



Food production in Africa still relies almost exclusively on rain-fed agriculture, leaving farmers and rural communities vulnerable to extreme climate conditions. Yet there is vast potential to scale-up irrigation, particularly...more



This study published by the World Bank and CIAT charts strengths, weaknesses and barriers to adoption of climate-smart agriculture in an effort to unlock investment.more



External finance to poor countries is declining despite a promise by the international community three years ago to increase development finance flows, in particular through private investment, according to a new OECD report.more

Food systems


This publication by researchers from CIRAD and INRA combines theoretical contributions on innovation in agricultural and food systems with iconic case studies to illustrate its observations and discussions.more

To leave no one behind, business-as-usual development co-operation will not suffice according to the authors of the „Development Co-operation Report 2018“. Development co-operation frame-works need to be updated to achieve the...more



The 2018 Global Nutrition Report reveals that malnutrition is unacceptably high and affects every country in the world, but that there is also an unprecedented opportunity to end it.more

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