A new report shows the great potential of genetic improvements in aquaculture. According to the authors, this could significantly boost sustainable food supply for future generations.more



Worsening water quality reduces economic growth by a third in some countries, a new World Bank report warns.more

Climate change


The world is best placed to tackle climate change when there is an overall focus on sustainability, a special report by IPCC states. The report shows how managing land resources sustainably can help address climate change.more



Poor farmers can obtain significant economic gains and other benefits by implementing modified farming practices aimed at boosting their ability to cope with disasters and natural shocks. This study by FAO is intended to guide...more

Poverty reduction


National Multidimensional Poverty Indexes (MPIs) help to identify not only who is living in poverty, but how they experience poverty. This handbook provides detailed practical guidance on how to build a technically rigorous and...more

Food security


The world’s population is expected to reach nearly 10 billion by 2050. With this projection in mind, a new report outlines a 5-course ‘Menu of Solutions’ to achieve a sustainable food future.more



The impacts of climate change and increasing inequality are undermining progress on the sustainable development agenda, threatening to reverse many of the gains made over the last decades, the annual UN report warns.more

Food security


The number of hungry people is still increasing, a new UN report states. It focuses on the role of economic slowdowns and downturns and introduces a new indicator for measuring food insecurity.more



This report highlights the role of diets, urbanization, emissions and trade in outlook for next decade. Thus, agricultural output growth is likely to keep food prices low over the coming decade, but many uncertainties remain.more



The report Byte by byte: policy innovation for transforming Africa’s food system with digital technologies presents findings of an analysis of seven African countries at the forefront of digital development in the agricultural...more



A new report by UN Women examines how transformations in families impact women’s rights. It reveals that most countries can afford family-friendly policies.more



Effective policies and investments are urgently needed if the world's poorest countries are to offer a future to hundreds of millions of marginalised young people living in rural areas, according to a new report by IFAD.more



The world’s population continues to increase states a new UN Report. World population is expected to reach 9.7 billion in 2050, while growth rates differ considerably from region to region and some countries are even experiencing...more



Wind, rain and industrial farming techniques accelerate soil erosion, leading to losses in terms of agricultural yields and critical ecosystem functions. A new publication provides an overview on the current state of knowledge.more

Food systems


Innovation is a force for positive change in food systems. A new study identifies innovation opportunities that have the potential to increase access to safe and nutritious foods for the world’s poor.more

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