With good leadership skills, which pave the way for clear vision along with setting good examples, young people will start performing better. They can dare to start their own businesses and thrive. We need more entrepreneurs in order to create more jobs. We need to incorporate entrepreneurship and leadership in the education programmes. I trust Mali needs more young people to learn practical skills in farming, breeding animals, carpeting, welding, construction, mechanics, plumbing, engineering, etc. We also need to format the mindset of young people. We have to help them gain self-confidence. They need to volunteer more and be civically engaged in order to solve the basic problems of the community. They should no longer be waiting for development projects and government to solve some of our basic problems.

How does Live Your Dream help here?
We provide many services to our clients such as capacity building in leadership, communication, governance, youth development, civic engagement and entrepreneurship. We organise English courses for professionals and students. We provide social media community management services to organisations and private businesses. We offer coaching and mentoring programmes to young people and professionals. And we develop our courses by using the Internet and books. Personally, I believe that YouTube is a university which contributes to positively shaping my life.

What have you learnt from your experiences so far?
I have learnt that self-employment is very rewarding, even if it is challenging at the beginning. In my young journey as an entrepreneur, I have learnt that failures and mistakes help grow. If an entrepreneur is a problem solver, I say then that Mali or Africa should be giving birth to a million entrepreneurs each year, because our problems are many. Let’s keep in mind that every problem is an opportunity. The paradox of Africa is that it is the richest continent with the poorest population.