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Others require more efforts. M-services may help to advice farmers, yes, but for farmers to truly be empowered, they also need to understand the logic behind such advices. For this, traditional extension and vocational training will continue to be key. M-services can supplement these efforts, but they should not substitute for them.

Thomas Daum is a research fellow at the Hans Ruthenberg Institute of Agricultural Sciences in the Tropics at the University of Hohenheim, Germany. His work focuses on social and institutional aspects of agricultural development. He has worked on aspects related to agricultural mechanisation, youth aspirations, ICTs, gender, time use and nutrition.

Contact: thomas.daum(at)uni-hohenheim.de


Daum (2018). ICT Applications in Agriculture. Encyclopedia of Food Security and Sustainability. Elsevier, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Nakasone, E., & Torero, M. (2016). A text message away: ICTs as a tool to improve food security. Agricultural Economics, 47(S1), pp. 49-59.

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