Rural women


Despite much progress in maternal health, especially in the course of the Millennium Development Goals, a large number of mothers still die each year in the context of pregnancy, child birth and post-partum period in India. The...more



The African Union Heads of State and Government have committed to boosting intra-African trade in agricultural commodities and services. What has already been achieved in this respect, and where is there still a need for further...more



Growing up on the farm, in rural surroundings, is a profound experience. You learn many life skills and lessons, but there are also a lot of challenges that cause many young people to seek their fortunes in the city. A personal...more

Land tenure


Does the inclusion of land rights in the global development agenda bear the potential to promote the secure and fair distribution of land rights? Yes, our author believes – provided that the land-rights community does not rest on...more

Land tenure


On the 11th May 2012, the Committee on World Food Security of the United Nations adopted the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests (VGGT). Rural 21 asked Roman Herre of the...more



There are numerous proposals regarding the best way to protect the environment and ecosystems. Instead of inventing the wheel anew, our Nigerian author advocates reflecting on the cultural and religious concepts of his ancestors.more



There are many reasons why young people in Africa are turning their backs on agriculture. Our author is convinced that here, access to technology, in particular tractors, is the crucial aspect.more

China’s engagement in Africa is viewed negatively by many. However, it does have numerous benefits for the rural population, our author maintains.more



The previous issue of Rural 21 addressed the concept of nutrition-sensitive agriculture, which our author believes is a valuable and worthwhile approach – only that it is often difficult to put into practice. more



Establishing a water goal in its own right in the SDGs is an important step in the right direction. However, global efforts need to be stepped up if the human right to water and sanitation is to become a reality and a global...more



Interventions to fight hidden hunger particularly eclipse poor people living in remote rural areas – and hence many who are involved in agriculture. Biofortified crops can help bridge this gap, our author maintains.more

One extensively discussed topic at the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture in Berlin/Germany in mid-January was how rural areas can supply burgeoning cities with food. However, our author maintains that this is a task that the...more



Money spent on health systems of partner countries in the context of international co-operation runs into the billions. Why have the health systems nevertheless failed so miserably in the case of Ebola?more



Given the magnitude of the problem, spending on research into poverty-related and neglected tropical diseases is by far not sufficient. Are experiences with the recent Ebola epidemic and the resolutions adopted by this year’s G7...more

Climate change


The final text of the climate summit in Paris, France, contains much that is desired and only little that is demanded. Concrete steps were not agreed but, as usual, postponed to the future. Civil society must not let itself be...more

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