At the same time, the specific health and development challenges arising from the growing convergence of urban and rural life need to be addressed. The pressure exerted on rural lands by urbanisation and population growth, which is intensifying rural-urban flows, is most evident in peri-urban areas. Research towards understanding the transmission of AMR, identifying critical control points and developing interventions to reduce antimicrobial use are being prioritised at international level. However, continued political commitment (provision of financial resources and engagement in inter-sectoral collaboration), public-private partnerships (for the sustainable implementation of ‘One Health’) and public engagement (in development and implementation of initiatives), as well as further research are required to develop effective policies and interventions.

Timo Falkenberg is senior researcher and co-ordinator of the Forschungskolleg ‘One Health and Urban Transformation’ at the Center for Development Research (ZEF) in Bonn, Germany.
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