Water for food security and nutrition Report

The rights to water, land and food are inseparably linked. And it is often perceived that the policies regarding their use and governance are also developed in an all inclusive way, if the fight against poverty and food insecurtiy has to be won. However, as the 9th HLPE report shows, that is not always the case.

According the Water for Food Security and Nutrition report by the High Level Panel of Experts (HLPE) for the UN Committee on World Food Security (CFS), ensuring universal access to water and recognising the linkages between water and food security and nutrition are fundamental. Moreover, policymakers have to prioritise the rights and interests of the most marginalised and vulnerable groups, with a particular focus on women, when it comes to water access.
The 9th HLPE report is the first comprehensive report that looks at technical, institutional, economic, cultural and political aspects of water for food security and nutrition. The report was relesaed in May 2015.

The authors of the report perceive that, it is crucial for decision makers to take a joined-up approach in addressing the challenges posed by policies and governance issues concerning land, water and food. In addition, the report  presents a synthesis of existing evidence on the multiple links between water and food security and nutrition, from the global to household level.

There are however several challenges:

  • many countries have little control over the consumption and use of water, particularly private consumption and use.
  • public sectors fail to coordinate water policies and programmes, and often lack knowledge about the linkages between food security and nutrition
  • challenge for many countries is to increase agricultural productivity and simultaneously meeting the needs of vulnerable and marginalised groups.

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