“Earlier, there was no need or pressure for the teachers to build collaborations. Today, students and teachers work together to attain the learning equilibrium. Now, the teachers are learning how to use I-slate from the students.”
Pingali is very optimistic about the use of I-slate: “The new technology also opens up the minds of the students towards the future. Some of them know what they want to pursue academically. One of them is keen to become an agronomist, while another wants to go into computer engineering. Exposure to technology has made students think about what could be in store for them in the outside world.
When the idea was proposed in the Mahabub nagar, the district government initially intended to order 50,000 I-slates for middle and high school classrooms within three years.  However, before this project is implemented by the district government, different notions about the use of I-slate will have to be reconciled.