I-slate is designed to specifically provide education in a low-resource environment. The device works on solar power. It needs just three watts to function and enables self-learning among children, minimising dependency on teachers.
Designing I-slate

I-slate went through four rounds of testing. In each phase, the device was improved by the design team, who used feedback from children to work on features. They incorporated elements from video games and social networking to enthuse students.
The school books are uploaded into the I-slate in a pdf format. These chapters have a data bank of questions with multiple choice answers. Once the student answers the question, the device will tell them if they are right or wrong. “The students use I-slate to study all the subjects. Recently, we have also started uploading news videos into the I-slate so that students can know what is happening in the world,” says teacher Srinivas, who trained the children in Mohamad Husain Palli to use I-slate.
According to Rajeswari Pingali, founder of ViDAL, I-slate is a new experience for the teachers.