For Caribbean countries, moving towards a climate-smart zone means protecting the region and improving livelihoods.
Photo: © Caribbean Climate-Smart Accelerator

The Caribbean aims to become climate-smart

Caribbean countries and private sector partners have built a coalition, the Caribbean Climate-Smart Accelerator, to implement informative climate action across the Caribbean region.

The Caribbean aims to become world's first climate-smart zone, the World Bank reported in August 2018: 26 countries and more than 40 private-sector partners have joined the Caribbean Climate-Smart Accelerator coalition to fast-track climate action across the Caribbean.
The Caribbean Climate-Smart Accelerator was launched in August 2018 and covers a region of 1 million square miles with over 40 million people. The goal of this group of partners is to work towards making the Caribbean the world’s first climate-smart zone. To this end, it aims to implement climate solutions for resilience, renewable energy, development of sustainable cities, oceans and transportation. The climate-smart zone will not only protect the region but create jobs and a new economy in climate-smart infrastructure.
The aim of a climate-smart zone is to reduce climate vulnerability and build economic security for its citizens. The Caribbean Climate-Smart Accelerator defines a climate-smart zone by the following five points:
1. Reduced vulnerability to a range of climate-related hazards and natural-disaster risks by building resilient infrastructure.

2.  Reduced greenhouse gas emissions from transportation and other pollutants.

3.  Healthy ecosystems on the sea to support the Blue Economy. 

4.  Healthy ecosystems on land for food security. 

5.  Enhanced energy security via promotion of energy efficiency, renewable energy and use of low-carbon sources.

6.  Incorporation of one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals in all major projects sponsored by Governments.
(The World Bank/ile)
More information on the Caribbean Climate-Smart Accelerator:

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