For Caribbean countries, moving towards a climate-smart zone means protecting the region and improving livelihoods.
Photo: © Caribbean Climate-Smart Accelerator


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Caribbean countries and private sector partners have built a coalition, the Caribbean Climate-Smart Accelerator, to implement informative climate action across the Caribbean region.

The Caribbean aims to become world's first climate-smart zone, the World Bank reported in August 2018: 26 countries and more than 40 private-sector partners have joined the Caribbean Climate-Smart Accelerator coalition to fast-track climate action across the Caribbean.
The Caribbean Climate-Smart Accelerator was launched in August 2018 and covers a region of 1 million square miles with over 40 million people. The goal of this group of partners is to work towards making the Caribbean the world’s first climate-smart zone. To this end, it aims to implement climate solutions for resilience, renewable energy, development of sustainable cities, oceans and transportation. The climate-smart zone will not only protect the region but create jobs and a new economy in climate-smart infrastructure.
The aim of a climate-smart zone is to reduce climate vulnerability and build economic security for its citizens. The Caribbean Climate-Smart Accelerator defines a climate-smart zone by the following five points:

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