However, this was only possible with a fundamental change in the existing food system. Joachim von Braun called for the setting up of an international panel on food, nutrition and agriculture. According to German Development Minister Gerd Müller, it was above all necessary to address the global supply chains. Given the recently published United Nations biodiversity report, he called for exclusively importing certified palm oil and soy to the European Union in order to put an end to overexploiting nature. Internationally operating corporations had to be obliged to ensure living wages and the observance of human rights. In a nutshell, a social and ecological turnaround was needed in globalisation – preferably voluntarily, but also by law if that was not possible. Müller cited the example of the “green button” label initiated by the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles and set to be launched this summer. It is meant to help consumers to spot sustainably produced textiles and thus enhance demand for these products.