Depending on the constellation of products and the times of the sales and purchases, high and low prices of various products affect these two worlds in very different and partly contradictory ways. The effect on poverty and food security has no clear direction.

Agriculture and business technologies: World 1 is largely in the formal sector, it can use modern modes of production and can also finance the business services it needs, whereas World 2 requires government support to gain access to and use modern technologies. Often, World 3 cannot even apply certain technologies, especially if they entail risks and offer no particularly high cost-use benefit. Only few agricultural activities are of immediate use to Worlds 4 and 5 (e.g. landless animal husbandry), but they are affected indirectly through the creation or loss of low-skilled jobs.

Financial services: World 1 has access to the formal banking system and hence to relatively favourable credits as well as all other financial services.