Unjust regulations mean that not all families have the right to family reunification, and that they are often excluded from access to public services. When women’s migration status is tied to their partners, it may be difficult or even impossible for them to escape violent relationships.

Transforming families into places of equality and justice

The report calls on policymakers, activists and people in all walks of life to transform families into places of equality and justice – where women can exercise choice and voice, and where they have physical safety and economic security.

An analysis produced for this report found that most countries could implement a package of policies, including income support throughout the life course, healthcare, and care services for children and older persons for less than five per cent of GDP.

Ensuring that families serve as a home for equality and justice is not only a moral imperative, but is essential for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the world’s most comprehensive agenda to ensure human progress.