In general, reducing the produce´s moisture as quickly as possible is essential.

Sorting and grading

Whether or not farmers are able to sell graded products, sorting out non-storable parts of the yield is a different story. The earlier non-storable parts of the yield are sorted out, the better the quality of the marketed commodity, and the better a farmer’s reputation. Farmers targeting export markets have to meet high phytosanitation standards. The sorted-out crops are not storable, but may be used as raw material for new products (e.g. dried tomatoes, jam or fruit juice). This can help families generate additional income.

Storage hygiene

In general, storage rooms have to be clean, both for short-term and long-term storage. Particularly after a longer period of storage or when contamination has been detected, disinfection might be necessary. Stored produce should not have contact with the storeroom´s ground soil, first to ensure proper ventilation and second to keep rodents away.