Every single actor along food value chains can contribute his or her share in reducing food losses. For this purpose, the factsheet provides examples of how to operate storage systems and a check-list for individual use.

Transportation bins – sizing and cleanliness

The most appropriate transportation bin from the field to the farm gate might be an issue. It is advisable to choose small-sized boxes for perishable foods (e.g. bins for tomatoes not weighing more than 10 kg). Crops with sensitive skin, such as potatoes or cassava, should be harvested and transported carefully. Any partial damage of the skin is potentially an entry point for fungal attacks or can accelerate rotting processes. Aflatoxins, mycotoxins and other fungal attacks are widespread threats in many countries, particularly in warm and humid climate conditions. As soon as produce is affected at any point, there is a high risk transferring fungi into following stages.