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We can no longer afford seemingly cheap food resulting in high environmental costs.”

A paradigm shift is already underway. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization FAO recently recognised the role of agro-ecological systems, such as organic farming, in addressing the huge challenges of the current food system. Governments in Germany, Austria, India and Kyrgyzstan, for example, are implementing policies and action plans to promote organic farming. A critical mass of scientists, farmers, policy-makers, businesses and civil society organisations will be needed for making the change towards sustainable food systems happen at scale.


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Frank Eyhorn, Adrian Müller, John P. Reganold, Emile Frison Hans R. Herren, Louise Luttikholt, Alexander Müller, Jürn Sanders, Nadia Scialabba, Verena Seufert, Pete Smith (2019). Sustainability in global agriculture driven by organic farming. Nature Sustainability

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