Comprehensive agricultural scientific education is the main objective of the new initiative.
Photo: © ICRISAT

‘One Agriculture-One Science’ partnership for global agricultural education

The International Crops Research Institute for Tropical Agriculture and universities from India, Africa and USA have launched an initiative to bring together various disciplines in agricultural education. The International Education Institute is based at ICRISAT headquarters in Hyderabad/India.

An international partnership across India, Africa and the USA has formed the ‘One Agriculture-One Science: A Global Education Consortium’ initiative aimed at revitalising global agricultural education, capacity building and technology transfer. According to a press release of the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT), this has been made possible with the collaboration of the Indian-based international research centre and top universities from all these continents.

‘One Agriculture-One Science’ is a consortium of agricultural education institutes, research organisations and other related agencies specifically focusing on addressing changes and adaptations required for agricultural education to better contribute to and more effectively impact on development goals, particularly the attainment of food and nutritional security and sustainable agricultural production in developing countries, says ICRISAT. The Initiative will bring under one roof various disciplines in agricultural education such as crop, livestock, fisheries, natural resource management by providing a common platform to address pressing global agricultural and food security challenges. Through partnerships and knowledge networks, participating institutions shall offer short courses, student scholarship programmes and collaborative research opportunities addressing these challenges.

For the launch of the Initiative collaborative partners from a wide range of interdisciplinary expertise and experience gathered at the University of Florida (UF), Gainsville/USA, one of the collaborative partners, in July.

During the workshop, a partnership framework under the ‘One Agriculture-One Science’ umbrella was developed with all participating partners expressing commitment to the joint initiative. A dedicated website for this initiative was also launched. 

International Education Center - IEC

In the context of the ‘One Agriculture-One-Science’ initiative, the University of Florida (UF) has launched a new education centre in collaboration with ICRISAT. According to the University of Florida (UF), the International Education Center (IEC) is based at the ICRISAT headquarters in Hyderabad, in Andhra Pradesh state in South Central India.  The centre’s goals include enhancing sustainability of agriculture and natural resources, and spurring greater collaboration between the UF and the counterparts from institutions in the region.

IEC will promote educational (including research and extension) activities related to agriculture and natural resources, with the primary goals of fostering technology transfer, generating new knowledge, and extending the knowledge thus gained to solve practical problems. IEC will serve as a focal point for consortium members in offering educational programmes in India and other countries in South and Southeast Asia, using various modes of delivery, and will promote IEC excellence in the region for collaboration in capacity building, education, and research.


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