There was no-one to see to this, and to date, there is no reliable cold chain service provider. This became the weakest link in the business. We are not a logistics business, but we had to invest in refrigerated cold vans and trucks. Otherwise, one of our valuable selling points, that of being a consistent and reliable partner to food service operators, would be a mirage.

Are there any other agribusiness companies in Nigeria that have a similar concept or does your company represent a unique selling point?
I think we represent a unique value proposition to our customers. Our business model has been and is still focused on consistently providing value-added ready-to-use products to food service operators. This takes off some of their back-end processes, which are usually time consuming, inconsistent, unreliable and, in most cases, expensive. There may be others doing similar things, but I am not aware of anyone rigorously executing this model.